The Best Buyers Agents in Perth


Lists Based on Experience - Successful Outcomes - Positive Client Reviews

The Best Buyers Agents in Perth

Need to Buy a Home or an Investment Property in Perth?

We have listed the 8 best Perth Buyers Agents.

John Paranchi - McGrath Real Estate (Hunters Hill)

Trevor Dunkley – Property Wizards (Subiaco) 

Are you looking for property in Perth but haven’t found anything? Find the perfect property with a professional and experienced buyer’s agent you can trust.

Whether you’re looking for a house to call home for your family or growing your wealth with property investments, Property Wizards has been a trusted authority in the Perth market for 16 years.

We help you

  • Find the best properties within the top 10%
  • Avoid buying a dud property and losing thousands of dollars
  • Pay the best price even when doing battle with tough agents
  • Save time and stress

With 16 years’ experience serving homebuyers, investors and developers, we know what your challenges are.
Searching, driving around, finding time, properties not matching your requirements. What research to do, what to
check, how to avoid costly mistakes and unexpected expenses.  How much to pay, how to negotiate the lowest
price, will I get the loan, can I afford it. Who to trust, guessing, missing out.

A Property Wizards buyer’s agent spends every day assessing hundreds of properties, checking their advantages,
drawbacks, potential – and how they match your needs. Drawing on powerful research and knowledge. Only
bringing you the best of the best, after discarding the rest.

Buying a property can be daunting and tiring. But if done the right way, it can be a fulfilling experience, helping you
reach your life and financial goals. This is why Trevor has spent decades helping his client successfully achieve
their property goals. He knows the challenges buyers face and understands the market inside out. He focuses only
on the buyer’s needs and tipping absolutely everything in their favour.

Property Wizards has been established as one of the most trusted buyer’s agents in Perth with the help of Trevor’s
success. As a buyer’s agent that has helped numerous clients, Property Wizards has gained several awards over
the years:

  • Australian Buyer’s Agent of the Year 2020 – National Awards for Excellence
  • REIWA Buyer’s Agent of the year 2020
  • REIWA Buyer’s Agent of the Year 2019
  • Gold Award for Australian Customer Service Awards 2015
  • Gold Award for Australian Customer Service Awards 2012
  • Finalist REIA Awards for Excellence 2020
  • Finalist REIA Awards for Excellence 2010
  • Finalist REIA Awards for Excellence 2009
  • Finalist REIA Awards for Excellence 2008
  • REIWA Buyer’s Agent of the Year 2009

Trusted by many, Property Wizards is one of the leading authorities in Perth when it comes to purchasing
properties. Our goal is for our clients to achieve exceptional deals on the best properties and an enjoyable buying

Contact us now – Your Trusted Authority in Property Buying.

121 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco, WA 6008

Contact – Trevor Dunkley




Claudette Swift – Claudette Swift Buyers Agent (Perth)

As Perth’s Leading Property Buyers Agent, Claudette’s passion is helping the every-day buyer secure a better property at the right price. Her understanding of the current WA property market comes from daily interactions and constant research as well as investing and livi