The Best Buyers Agents on the Gold Coast


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The Best Buyers Agents on the Gold Coast

Choosing the right Buyers Agent can make a big difference to the purchase price of your property.










eg Potts Point NSW (also ok to list multiple suburbs if not sure)

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Need to Buy a Home or an Investment Property on the Gold Coast?​ 

We have listed the best Gold Coast Buyers Agents.

As the Principal and Managing Director of Networth Buyers Agents, Craig knows the Gold Coast Property Market like the back of his hand. He has been transacting here for many years and is across all the different styles of property the Gold Coast has to offer.

Craig is a numbers and statistics person ( being an ex senior math teacher ) and this has proved to be a tremendous benefit when buying property. Twenty years ago he left the teaching profession and moved into the property business full time. He explored many aspects of property; buy and hold strategies, structural and cosmetic renovations, subdivisions, house relocation’s & property development.

Craig has been buying property personally and for clients for over 30 years. He has personally purchased 66 properties and many more for clients. That experience has allowed Networth Buyers Agents to find, negotiate and settle many great properties for our clients. The sort of property that will grow and increase in value over the years. We are very good at finding the gems in any market condition. Value is always there in the market, you just have to understand values and do the work to uncover it.

Buying property well consistently requires a lot of skill, information and discipline. There is little point working with a selling agent to buy property, the real estate agent represents the owner and looks to achieve the highest price possible. This puts the buyer at a distinct disadvantage.

Networth is an independent buyers agent who is acting only for the buyer to source and buy property at the lowest price possible, and often “off market”. This significantly changes the dynamics of buying property well.

Our service will actively search and find the most desirable areas within each suburb and how to buy for capital growth and yield and how much to pay. Local professional knowledge in a region is your key to saving a great deal of time, frustration, money and effort.

It wasn’t until Craig engaged a buyer’s agent 15 years ago to assist him to source a particular type of property that he understood the benefits of this service, even as experienced as he was. So he became a buyers Agent full time and has bought hundreds of terrific properties on the Gold Coast for his clients over the years. Now others can benefit from Craig’s experience.

Networth Buyers Advocates can definitely help you with your next purchase on the Gold Coast.

Please contact Craig to discuss any aspect of buying property for your home or as an investment.

27/22 Mavis Court Ormeau, QLD, 4208

Contact – Craig Greer-Smith



Darren Piper – Universal Buyers Agents Gold Coast 

As the Founding Director of Universal Buyers Agents, Darren Piper leads a team of highly qualified, real estate savvy Buyers agents that are across all the property markets of the Gold Coast.

Honesty, flexibility and commitment to outstanding customer service is Darren’s promise to buyers. The ability and experience to achieve successful property buying outcomes is attributed to his emphasis on personalised service and attention to detail.

Darren is committed to these principles day in and day out, which has led to a strong satisfaction rating from clients and the rapport among his peers and the wider community.

” I’m diligent and focused, and wholeheartedly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for all my clients”.

Darren is recognised as an expert in the Gold Coast property market and continues to provide advice and opinions in the broadcast media including Kevin Turners Real estate talk show on 4BC, Smart property investment magazine,, REB, & The Courier Mail.

The Universal brand is redefining the way property is purchased today, we are disrupting the status quo by working exclusively for you, the buyer. Whether you are buying a self-occupied home or investment property, we manage every aspect of the buying process.

Services include :

​* Searching/Sourcing
* Inspect & Assess
* Due diligence
* Expert negotiation
* Auction bidding
* Off-market property

Let Universal Buyers Agents Gold Coast ensure you buy the right property, in the right location, at the right price, every time.

Contact – Darren Piper



Nicole Marsh – Gold Coast Buyers Agent

​Buying property today on the Gold Coast requires a trained property professional. Honestly, you need an experienced negotiator on your side today when buying property. 

​Nicole has 13 years experience as a Buyers Agents on the Gold Coast. I’ve worked with hundreds of buyers from all over the world to help them find and secure their own little piece of the unique location that is the Gold Coast.

​A Lot of those buyers came to me because:

– They were sick of inspecting properties that look nothing like the photos on the internet.
– Logistically they found it impossible to inspect properties when living interstate or overseas
– They wanted ‘insider local knowledge’ on their side.
– They were just plain over it! Feeling tired, frustrated and so confused.​There’s no denying that buying property can be a really emotional and stressful process. Particularly now that the Gold Coast is a real hot spot for buyers.

​So if you are feeling tired, frustrated, and disappointed, then know there is a smarter, more stress free way to buy property.

​I specialise in buying Gold Coast property – so unlike a lot of other buyers agents that live elsewhere and try and cover a number of areas, I’m a Gold Coast local.

​I’ve actually lived on the Gold Coast for 23 years now and know the intricacies of each individual suburb and area. That local knowledge isn’t something you can simply google!

​It really doesn’t matter what your budget is – my services cater for buyers of any budget.

​So if it’s time you had a professional property buyer on your side, please get in contact.

​I’d love to help you find your little perfect piece of the Gold Coast too.

Contact – Nicole Marsh



Daniel Di Mascio

Daniel Di Mascio – Urban Buyer – Buyers Agent Gold Coast 

Daniel, a Gold Coast based property buyer’s agent, has over 12 years of experience helping clients navigate the complex and often stressful process of purchasing real estate. With a deep understanding of the local market and a keen eye for finding hidden gems, Daniel and his team have a proven track record of helping clients find their dream homes, often at prices below market value.

Daniel takes a highly personalised approach to his work, spending time getting to know each of his clients and their unique requirements. This enables him to provide expert guidance and shortlist properties that meet their criteria. His commitment to honesty and integrity has earned him a reputation for delivering results and exceeding his clients’ expectations.

In addition to his expertise in buying property, Daniel also has a strong background in Law, Construction and Property Development, which has equipped him with a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the real estate industry.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Daniel and his team at Urban Buyer are here to provide you with the expert guidance you need to make informed decisions. Daniel is committed to delivering results and ensuring that your property buying journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. With his extensive knowledge of the local market, attention to detail, and personalised approach, Daniel and his team are the ideal property buyers agents for anyone looking to purchase a home or investment property on the Gold Coast.

Contact – Daniel Di Mascio



Jacqueline Dwyer – Savvy Fox, Buyers Agent / Advocate Gold Coast  

My name is Jacqueline….after our first phone chat you will probably call me Jac and we will talk often. Eventually our phone conversations start with “Hi, it’s me!” What I am trying to say is… we get to know each other exceptionally well.

I am a Registered Property Valuer and an Award Winning, Licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer and Buyers Agent focused on the Gold Coast.

Enough formalities. Let’s cut to the chase, I’m your Savvy Fox when it is time to buy your next property on the Gold Coast. I play hard for my team to win. I genuinely want to secure you a place you adore at a price you are comfortable with.

I want to do it as seamlessly as possible but hey, I am juggling a pretty big deal here with opposing agenda’s and personalities!! I will control the controllable’s and calmly work swiftly through the things that need smoothing over.

I’ve done hundreds of property transactions both as a Buyers Agent and a Selling Agent. Each deal is unique and I will listen and communicate everything. I don’t want you to be stressed, let me wear that. It’s. My. Job.

We are your number one choice for a Buyers Advocate Gold Coast for a reason-we simply strive to always be the best.

With over 15 years industry experience and hundreds of closed deals under our belts, you won’t find a more dedicated and professional team to have your back during the property buying process.

​We work hard to find you the home of your dreams at the best price, while simultaneously taking the stress of looking for a home and negotiating with the sellers off your plate.

When you choose Savvy Fox as your preferred Buyers Agent Gold Coast, you can rest assured that you have the most experienced team on your side. We make buying your next home easy, convenient and fun!

Contact me, I will get the job done….. Every. Single. Time.

Contact – Jacqueline Dwyer



Andrew Wegener – Aquila Property – Gold Coast Buyers Agent / Advocate 

Andrew is an experienced property advisor and buyers agent for the Gold Coast. He brings an unique focus on property research, analysis and investment strategy to the business. As an investor, Andrew has received both good and very bad advice, and this has led him to build a business centered on the ethical treatment of clients.

We believe in buying and investing in high-qualitMy name is Jacqueline….after our first phone chat you will probably call me Jac and we will talk often. Eventually our phone conversations start with “Hi, it’s me!” What I am trying to say is… we get to know each other exceptionally well. Coast. Why?

Because we know that the best locations on the Gold Coast have already been built on. So if you want to buy in the best location you can afford, where future demand will be high and future supply will be low, you need to buy an established property. Buying off the plan property say in units on the gold coast, can be high risk.

Established properties are priced according to the market, while new properties are inflated in value. That’s why so many new properties value lower than the purchase price.

Established properties are in established suburbs, which are known quantities. We can analyse the demographic mix, demand levels, median prices and historical performance of any Gold Coast suburb much more accurately, which reduces your risk when you buy. New properties in high development areas are speculative – we don’t know what the suburb will be like – and so we’d be taking a gamble investing there. And not a good gamble either; as we’ve just said, new properties are being built in inferior locations.

As a company, we’re not interested in having conflicts of interest. Selling properties to clients means a conflict in the advice we give. So we don’t sell properties we only purchase property as your buyers Agent and Advocate.


​There are plenty of great locations in Australia to invest in. We’ve decided to specialise in one of those locations. We’re not here to persuade you to invest in South-East Queensland. But if you want to buy a high-quality property on the Gold Coast, our independent advice and service can help you do just that.

Contact – Andrew Wegener



Tony Coughran – GC Property Advisers and Buyers Agents Gold Coast  

2017 REIQ Buyers Agent of the year

Tony is the man who will listen, communicate and negotiate on your behalf. He is a Gold Coast Buyers Agent and Certified Property Valuer with more than fifteen years experience.

Having valued over 15,000 Gold Coast properties totaling in excess of 3 billion dollars, his counsel is sought from some of the most successful and respected property owners in the business. He is with you at every step of the journey.

With the Gold Coast property market being very strong in 2021 and heading into 2022 / 23 , buying a property where you don’t end up over paying is getting harder.

Whether you are buying a home or investment property it is important to select carefully and negotiate well so that when the property cycle turns as it historically does here on the gold Coast, you have not bought a property at an inflated price in a poor location.

Historically the Gold Coast market has seen significant price swings , this cycle may be different but it is even more crucial than ever to employ the services of an expert buyers agent who can guide you and Advocate for you, and determine whether the property is good value and is what you are really looking for.

Contact – Tony Coughran



Rodney Reinsma – Gold Coast Property Buyers 

Gold Coast Property Buyers, spearheaded by Rodney and his proficient team, emerges as the premier local buyers agency, offering clients a sophisticated and informed approach to property acquisition. Renowned as “Rod The Buyers Agent,” Rodney leads a highly successful team known for delivering outstanding results.

The team’s commitment initiates with a personalized understanding of each client’s unique property requirements, encompassing location preferences, essential features, and specific criteria. Gold Coast Property Buyers has earned a reputation for excelling in sourcing off-market properties, conducting thorough due diligence to ensure clients make well-informed decisions throughout the property purchasing journey.

Under Rodney’s leadership, the team employs effective negotiation strategies, securing favorable purchase prices, terms, and conditions for clients. Operating on a “no find, no fee” model underscores their confidence in delivering value to clients. Engaging Gold Coast Property Buyers as your personal real estate professional means benefiting from Rodney’s extensive two-decade-long property experience and a robust portfolio, providing a reassuring foundation for your property endeavors.

Gold Coast Property Buyers distinguishes itself with a commitment to transparency, supported by robust reporting systems and an expansive network of over 90,000 agents spanning 24 countries. This extensive network, coupled with the exclusive presence of trusted Buyer’s agent profiles on,,, provides clients with an additional layer of confidence. With Rodney and his team at Gold Coast Property Buyers, clients enjoy a winning edge in sourcing and securing properties with precision and assurance.


0422 783 727

Contact – Rodney Reinsma