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Below is list of the Top Buyers Agents :

Darren Piper – Universal Buyers Agents Brisbane 

As the Founding Director of Universal Buyers Agents, Darren Piper leads a team of highly qualified, real estate savvy Buyers agents that are across all the property markets of Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

Honesty, flexibility and commitment to outstanding customer service is Darren’s promise to buyers. The ability and experience to achieve successful property buying outcomes is attributed to his emphasis on personalised service and attention to detail.

Darren is committed to these principles day in and day out, which has led to a strong satisfaction rating from clients and the rapport among his peers and the wider community.

“I am diligent and focused, and wholeheartedly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for all my clients”.

Darren is recognised as an expert in the Brisbane property market and continues to provide advice and opinions in the broadcast media including Kevin Turners Real estate talk show on 4BC, Smart property investment magazine,,,, REB, & The Courier Mail.

The Universal brand is redefining the way property is purchased today, we are disrupting the status quo by working exclusively for you, the buyer. Whether you are buying a self-occupied home or investment property, we manage every aspect of the buying process.

Services include :

* Searching/Sourcing
* Inspect & Assess
* Due diligence
* Expert negotiation
* Auction bidding
* Off-market property

Let Universal Buyers Agent Brisbane ensure you buy the right property, in the right location, at the right price, every time.

Level 1 54 Doggett Street, Newstead, QLD, 4006

Craig Greer-Smith – Networth Property Buyers Agents Brisbane

B. Ed | Lic. Real Estate, Principal Qld. 

As the Principal and Managing Director of Networth Buyers Agents, Craig knows the Brisbane Property Market extremely well.Craig has been involved with buying, selling and managing real estate assets in Brisbane for the last 30 Years.

Craig pays great attention to the buying process with a focus on values and data ( being an ex senior maths teacher ). This has proved to be a tremendous benefit when buying property. Twenty five years ago he left the teaching profession and moved into the property business full time. He explored many aspects of property; buy and hold strategies, structural and cosmetic renovations, subdivisions, house relocations & property development.

Craig has been buying property personally and for clients for over 30 years. He has personally purchased 66 properties and many more for clients. That experience has allowed Networth Buyers Agents to find, negotiate and settle many great properties for our clients. The sort of property that will grow and increase in value over the years. We are very good at finding the gems in any market condition. Value is always there in the market, you just have to understand values and do the work to uncover it.

In a way, buying property today is often something of a contest. The seller has the real estate agent representing them to achieve the highest price possible. Until recently, the buyer was unrepresented and at a distinct disadvantage. Now that has changed.

Networth is an independent buyers agent who is acting for the buyer to source and buy property at the lowest price possible, and often “off market” . This significantly changes the dynamics of buying property well. The buying agent fee is usually well and truly covered by the savings achieved.

Networth Buyers Agents will actively search and find the most desirable areas within each suburb, what to buy for capital growth and yield, and ensure you don’t over pay. Local professional knowledge in a region is the key to saving a great deal of time, money, frustration and worry.

It wasn’t until Craig engaged a buyer’s agent 15 years ago to assist him to source a particular type of property that he understood the benefits from this service, even as experienced as he was. So he became a buyers Agent full time and has bought hundreds of terrific properties in Brisbane for his clients over the years. Now others can benefit from Craig’s experience.

Networth Buyers Advocates would love to help you with your next purchase.

Please contact Craig to discuss any aspect of buying property for your home or as an investment.

27/22 Mavis Court Ormeau, QLD, 4208

Simon Clarke – Universal Buyers Agents Brisbane

Simon Clarke is a highly devoted, people-focused buyer’s agent who acquires skills and industry experience that have enabled him to assist multiple buyers and sellers across Brisbane. 

Previously working with developers and property research groups, Simon discovered his passion for people and property, which has cultivated his drive towards the buyer’s agency side of the industry.

Simon moved to Brisbane in 2017, and while he has now settled in with his young family, Simon can efficiently connect with buyers both interstate and overseas, having being originally from Victoria, then living overseas for five years and more recently spending 14 years in Sydney.

Simon’s ambition for property has stemmed from his own personal experiences of buying, renovating and investing, and has enabled him to action his knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcome for any client.

Having worked with buyers’ agents himself in the past to purchase his own family home, Simon understands how important it is to work with professionals that handle all the details and negotiations.

Simon’s professional yet personable manner, as well as his open communication style has enabled him to quickly progress in his career. Simons level of customer service, his property expertise and his research skills have led Simon to multiple successful transactions that have enabled him to generate clients for life.

Connect with Simon today to discuss all things property, whether you’re purchasing your dream family home or an investment property.

Level 1/54 Doggett Street, Newstead, QLD 4006

Jordan Maggs – Networth Buyers Agents Brisbane

Jordan Maggs is an enthusiastic and friendly individual who has a real passion for buying property for clients in Brisbane.
With that passion comes a quite determination and persistence that means he will go all out for his clients to secure the best deal.

Jordan had 6 years of real estate experience in sales before coming to join Networth as a Buyers Agent.
He feels a greater sense of satisfaction in the buying process, and really enjoys the relationship with clients .

Being able to use his past experiences in negotiations with agents as a buyers agent has been a significant advantage for him.

He understands that side of the transaction and what motivates them and how to use that to help his clients. 

He has a keen eye for detail, and is highly motivated to ensue that his buyers can acquire the property they want at the right price in a strong Brisbane market.

Every client is different so Jordan tailors his advice and buying process to suit each individual person or couple.
Understanding what the clients really want and what their dreams and concerns are is a key to his success.

Contact Jordan today for a friendly no obligation chat , whether you are looking for a Home, Investment Property or something to add value to.

27/22 Mavis Court Ormeau, QLD, 4208

Julie DeBondt-Barker – Property Home Base , Brisbane Buyers Advocate

Julie DeBondt-Barker can take the guesswork out of buying your next Investment Property!

Buying Investment Property has a lot of marketplace noise around it. EVERYBODY seems to have an opinion on what you should buy, where you should buy it, and where there might be a great “deal”. Julie helps cut through the noise. 

You do not want to risk your hard earned money by making the wrong decision. That is why an experienced, independent buyers agent is crucial.

Julie and her Team at Property Home Base bring over 80 years of experience in buying and selling Real Estate.

They have a Strategic Investment service that offers special AI (Artificial Intelligence), market analysis and data-led predictions. This is combined with the caring human touch of authentic advice and professional negotiation.

Property Home Base works strictly from the results of your own personalised Strategic Assessment to locate the perfect Brisbane property that will ensure you achieve your financial goals. Whether that be high capital growth, high yield, or both!

Property Home Base makes having a Buyers Agent Affordable for EVERYONE offering a low Flat Fee Service that is fair, competitive and professional. You can check out their fees on their website.

Julie started Property Home Base in 2013 and has held true to her promise since then. That is to save you time, heartache and money when buying property!

You can read the reviews of what clients have had to say about their experiences with Property Home Base.

Call Julie today to discuss your next Investment Property!

Emma Flatley – Buyers Agent / Advocate Brisbane

Emma Flatey

Emma’s began her real estate journey selling property in the Inner Eastern suburbs of Brisbane. She quickly realised that working with buyers during a property transaction was extremely rewarding and so her passion for helping buyers purchase grew.

Buying property can be a daunting experience; with hours spent trying to understand and anticipate the market, days wasted viewing unsuitable property and all with the underlying fear of making the wrong decision or missing out altogether. 

Emma is down to earth, approachable, and determined to get the best result for her clients. The service that Universal Buyers Agents and Emma delivers is second to none and we pride ourselves on the client experience. 

Driven by her passion for the industry, Emma had practised what she preaches. Having bought, renovated, and sold multiple properties now, her knowledge, wins and failures are what she wants to pass onto her clients to ensure they succeed and achieve their property goals.

Caring, motivated & driven, Emma is determined to find you the exact property you’re looking for.

The Universal brand is redefining the way property is purchased today, we are disrupting the status quo by working exclusively for you, the buyer. Whether you are buying a self-occupied home or investment property, we manage every aspect of the buying process.

Services include :

  • Searching/Sourcing
  • Inspect & Assess
  • Due diligence
  • Expert negotiation
  • Auction bidding
  • Off-market property

Office: 4/34 Commercial Road, Newstead, QLD, 400

Jess Smith – Brisbane Buyers Agent

Jess Smith

Jess is an experienced real estate professional with an unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of her role as a Buyers Agent and Advocate in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

She loves the challenge of buying great property for her clients and leaves no stone unturned in her search for the ideal property. Building relationships with all players in
the real estate process is one of her core strengths. In a heated property market you need to have solid connections to find the gems that are out there.

Jess loves negotiating and works very hard to ensure the Networth clients come out on top in any transaction. Paying attention to the detail is an aspect of her personality that has been very valuable in ensuring the purchases go through smoothly and efficiently. 

Jess prides herself on her honesty and openness and her calm demeanour in the heat of getting the deal done for her client. There is much to be said about being warm, friendly and considerate to work with, yet still get the best outcome for the right property at the right price.

Her goal is to ensure each and every client has a great experience when they engage Networth Buyers Agents to purchase their next property.

Networth Buyer Advocate services :

  • Search, Source , Uncover great property
  • Personal Inspections and assessment
  • Due diligence of value , building quality and location
  • Expert negotiating skills
  • Bidding at Auction, Expression of interest
  • Finding Off-market property

Networth Consultants , 27/22 Mavis Court Ormeau, Brisbane QLD, 4208

Micah Keall-Grant – Buyer’s Agent – Allen Real Estate Brisbane

Micah is a registered Brisbane QLD Buyer’s Agent and an expert in the Brisbane property market. He has worked in real estate for a number of years but originally comes from an engineering background having completed a Bachelors (Hons) and Masters in Engineering and working on various projects throughout Australia, USA and Africa.

Micah developed a strong interest in buying quality Brisbane residential property through substantial research and reading and then began buying and investing himself a number of years ago, developing a keen eye for good quality investment properties.

With strong negotiation skills, detailed suburb and pricing knowledge and thorough research and analysis of the Brisbane market and each individual property deal, Micah provides his clients with a premium level of service, helping to build their own property portfolios with comfort and confidence.

As a currently active property investor and buyers advocate with a multiple property portfolio, Micah has a good understanding of the purchasing process that his clients go through and is always able to provide sound advice based on his extensive experience (both personal and professional) in the Brisbane real estate market. This is proven by his strong track record of client recommendations and endorsements.

Micah is a registered buyers Agent with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading and is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ)

Liz Wilcox – Hot Property Buyers Agency (East Brisbane)

Liz is the Director and Principal of Hot Property Buyers Agency & Hot Property Management and is a specialist in the Brisbane near city markets. Liz is very involved in the day to day running of the buyers advocate business and our clients.

Liz started as a buyer’s agent because whilst working as a selling agent (or as Liz calls it – The Dark Side) she saw that there was no one there to represent & work in the best interest of the buyers. The only professional in the transactions were working for the sellers.

Being the REIQ Buyers Agent of the Year in 2011, Liz has a vast range of knowledge and contacts in the Brisbane and wider Queensland property market. She has a professional and friendly approach that enables her to assist her clients in buying and acquiring top performing properties to add to their portfolios.

With the Brisbane property market recovering well from the covid pandemic , Liz is confident that there is a range of properties she could help clients buy that will provide good capital gain and decent yields. Or find the ideal family home for the owner occupiers and first home buyers.

Under Liz’s guidance, the team at Hot Property Buyers Agency have become one of Brisbane’s most trusted and leading buyers agents.

912 Stanley Street, East Brisbane 

Josh Atherton – PPI Property Buying Advice – Brisbane

Josh’s passion for buying , developing and investing in Brisbane property began at just 20 years of age when he first started understanding the property market. His constant thirst for knowledge about every element of the Brisbane property industry is inherently fostered from his first experience as a real estate agent. After excelling at that he transitioned to a full time role as a buyers advocate and also developing property for himself and a few selected private wealth clients.

After enveloping himself with the entire process and working out more efficient ways to buy well and maximise the returns for himself and his growing client base, he continued to diversify his skill base wherever possible. This experience in property advisory, development management, development construction, buying, selling and property management eventually lead him to create a buyers agent solution for Brisbane investors to take advantage of the opportunities that exist and formed PPI Advice.

He now spearheads the buyers advocacy and development management divisions of the business and loves providing above average outcomes for his client base. His local Brisbane market knowledge, diverse relationships, negotiation skills and intimate understanding of the benefits of each site, are what clients value most.