The Best Property Managers on the Gold Coast


Lists Based on Experience - Successful Outcomes - Positive Client Reviews

The Best Property Managers on the Gold Coast

Looking for the Best Rental Manager to Rent out your Gold Coast Property?
We have listed the Best Gold Coast Property Managers.


Brett Russo

Brett Russo – Coronis – Gold Coast – Property Investment Agent

Bringing over 18 years of experience, Brett Russo is an agent renowned for his integrity, unrivalled local knowledge and strong local ties. As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Brett and his team are dedicated to making your experience leasing your property as smooth and rewarding as possible.

With an in-depth knowledge of the Gold Coast property market, local area and clients’ needs, Brett prides himself on his sincere and honest approach. He leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of the best outcome and always strives for excellence in every facet of his role with the management of your property. Brett gives his clients superior service as a negotiator, facilitator and adviser to achieve successful outcomes.

Why Coronis?

Personalised service
One dedicated point of contact backed by cutting edge technology, we are 100% focused on maximising your returns and make owning an investment property a hassle-free experience for you. We guarantee it!

Full transparency
Coronis brings you a new level of transparency. Now you can track how effectively your property is being managed via the Rental Owner Portal. You’ll have 24/7 access to a web-based Owner Portal that provides visibility into your investment property’s performance including tenant info, rent, inspections, maintenance and financial reporting.

Get more, pay less
We’ve developed a new, approach to pricing with simple, all-inclusive fees. No hidden costs.

You can save more with a Coronis property manager for your Gold Coast investment property because we have considerably lower overheads than traditional real estate agencies which can then be passed on to you. 

Get the highest rent possible
Our property managers will find you a top quality tenant faster by using the latest technology, premium listings on and Domain. Take advantage of all the latest property marketing tools including virtual tours, interactive floor plans and more to maximise impact and get the right tenant into your property faster.

Coronis Gold Coast Property Managers

Contact – Brett Russo


Craig Greer-Smith – Carberry Realty – Gold Coast Property Managers

As the Managing Director of Carberry Realty Gold Coast Property Management, I feel I can say that I know the Gold Coast rental market extremely well. I have been involved in property in SE Qld for many years.

Those experiences gained, have given me an appreciation of the requirements to ensure our Landlords Properties are treated like our own. We work hard to obtain the highest, most consistent rental income for our Gold Coast landlords. This has meant our Property Management Agency does not lose any rental managements. We regularly sign new landlords from Referrals. 

Top level property management requires a lot of important skills. Tenant selection is one that is critical. We spend a great deal of time working at finding the best tenant for our owners properties. We work with our landlords to help present their property in the best possible light so we attract the highest calibre tenants available at the time.

As an experience business person and property investor I understand and appreciate the importance of good communication. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a timely response to a query from a disinterested junior property manager. Our teams is available to landlords in important situations right through the week.

Our goal is to ensure the whole investment property rental experience for our owners is seamless and stress free. Things do come out of the blue and no doubt maintenance problems arise that require immediate attention. We sort those out quickly. We deal with a wide group of very effective and cost competitive trades people. We want your property to be well maintained and in good order should you look to sell at some point.

Our management fees are very competitive. We also pay rent to our landlords fortnightly for better cashflow. The software system we use allows our landlords to look into the transactions online and see what income and any costs that have been incurred. We are big believers in transparency.

I look forward to each opportunity to add a new landlord to our group. If you would like to give me a call for a chat about your investment property, I would love to hear from you.

Carberry – Mobile Gold Coast Property Managers

Contact – Craig Greer-Smith




Darren Piper – Universal Property Management

As the Founding Director of Universal Buyers Agents, Darren Piper is an exceptionally hardworking, dedicated and professional property manager who brings his absolute commitment to every transaction.  

Darren’s vast experience in the property field has enabled him to establish himself within the Gold Coast community and his modern, honest and flexible approach to property management greatly sets him apart from his peers. 

Highly regarded as an expert in the Gold Coast property market, Darren’s notable local area knowledge and extensive experience in property management permits him to provide qualified, individualised advice to his clients. 

His ability for clear and effective communication as well as his board business understanding, allows Darren to deliver a superior and stress-free property management experience. 

Darren gains fulfilment in assisting his clients with all their real estate needs and his emphasis on personalised service and attention to detail enables him to positively connect with both landlords and tenants.

Darren always puts his client’s needs first and greatly thrives within the fast-paced property environment where every day is different. 

Darren’s unique customer focus and in-depth market knowledge has successfully led him to thrive in his real estate career.

8 Masters Street, Newstead, QLD, 4006

Contact – Darren Piper




Stephanie Richmond-Board- PRD Nationwide Ashmore, Gold Coast

Stephanie has been involved with the PRD Ashmore, Gold Coast property management team for over 10 years. Originally from the retail industry, Stephanie enjoys interacting with the general public but also wanted a new challenge that included her growing interest in property. She was given the opportunity to start a new career with PRD Ashmore and fell in love with the real-estate industry and in particular rental management and has never looked back.

Stephanie enjoys viewing all the different kinds of properties inside and out and seeing how the renovation process that takes place in older styled homes and units and how that will boost the rental potential of these properties. The gold Coast rental market is always evolving and changing with new and old projects offering a wide array of tenant selection at many different rental rates.
After work Stephanie is completely committed to her family/son and uses the spare time and weekends to spend quality time together whether its complete some upgrades to her own investment property or just being out and about with her family, walking the dogs, or enjoying the wonderful gold coast environment.
Stephanie’s primary role in the office is to complete the final inspections from tenants after they have vacated the property, assessing the property and checking for and damage, also cleaning & general presentation. She is the link between Landlords and tenants should any problems arise from the vacating and finalizing the bonds or disputes arising from this. She completes the Entry Condition reports and ensures all properties are in an acceptable standard before a new tenancy commences.
What our staff had to say about Stephanie as a property manager :
Steph Crosses T’s & Dots I’s, she looks after all vacates within the office and is a hardworking and enthusiastic asset to our team. With Steph having very particular duties, it is evident how important her role with PRD is. Being in her position for some time, she is very good at what she does. Having Fridays off to be a mum – her absence in the office is very noticeable. She is highly valued and is a very important part of our team.


Shop 11 “Pitstop”, 406 Southport Nerang Rd, Ashmore, QLD 4214PO Box 423, Ashmore, QLD 4214


Donna Goodall

Donna Goodall – Property Manager Gold Coast

Being in Gold Coast Property Management, Donna Goodall has a lot of experienced as a Rental Manager. Having worked in different areas of rentals and leasing, Donna has a good handle on Property Management and is an asset for any Gold Coast Landlord.

Donna treats both owners and tenants with courtesy and respect and will always act fairly to ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Being accustomed to dealing with many different rental situations, Donna is unflappable. She is unfailing respectful and professional with Landlords and tenants, but she can be resourceful and determined where necessary.

As the Business Development Manager for First National Palm Beach, Donna takes great pride in her ability to work with all parties to negotiate a win – win situation for the landlords, tenants, tradesmen and service providers.

Donna believes in honest, open communication with a professional approach. She tailors her property managing strategies for each individual property and Landlord, as they usually have different wants and needs.

Donna is also a very hardworking and patient individual. Quietly determined, she gets the best results for her clients by paying attention to all the detail. Every management is important to her.

Donna’s local Gold Coast knowledge and professional training in Property Investment Management means she is ideally positioned to advise Landlords with any type of property, what is the best rental solution for them.

Contact – Donna Goodall



How to choose the right Property Manager for the Gold Coast:

The Gold Coast rental market is a lot more diverse and varied than many other parts of Australia. It takes an experienced, knowledgable Property Manager to know what is the current local rental rate and how to choose the right tenant. There are so many different types of Investment Property available, from houses, canal homes, units, townhouses, shared accommodation etc.

Each type of investment property has its own set of metrics as to what it can rent for, for how long and what tenant would best suit the property. Most Gold Coast property owners employ a manager to lease their investment property with the assumption that they will just know all the factors involved to get a good tenant at the highest rent. This assumption can lead to problems and dissatisfaction with the whole rental process.

In reality, it takes some years of experience and having rented many properties to be able to quickly and successfully get the right tenant at the right rate. Finding the right tenant is much of the battle to having a trouble free and positive experience with your rental property. If you have a young, inexperienced and poorly organised person acting for you than you are likely to have ongoing problems.

So when choosing a property manager for the Gold Coast region, it is important to interview and question the manager that will be handling your account and managing your property. Ask them how many properties they currently manage and how long they have been doing this. Do they do regular personal inspections and are they available after hours in case of an emergency. How do they advertise and choose a tenant? On what basis do they evaluate the potential rent and is it at market rates?

Property management fees are also a big part of the equation. The fees on the Gold Coast vary from as low as 5.5 % right up to 9.5 %. It is not as simple as you pay for what you get. There are good rental managements like Rent 360 that charge around 6 % + GST. Check out also what the reletting fees are and what other ongoing monthly fees are charged as some agents quote a low rate but then go and charge a number of other fees to compensate. Choose your property manager wisely as it will make a big difference to your investing experience.