The Best Buyers Agents on the Sunshine Coast


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The Best Buyers Agents on the Sunshine Coast

Choosing the right Buyers Agent can make a big difference to the purchase price of your property.

eg Potts Point NSW (also ok to list multiple suburbs if not sure)

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Need to Buy a Home or an Investment Property in Sunshine Coast?​We have listed the best Sunshine Coast Buyers Agents.

Darren Piper – Universal Buyers Agents Sunshine Coast

As the Founding Director of Universal Buyers Agents, Darren Piper leads a team of highly qualified, real estate savvy Buyers agents that are across all the property markets of Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

Honesty, flexibility and commitment to outstanding customer service is Darren’s promise to buyers. The ability and experience to achieve successful property buying outcomes is attributed to his emphasis on personalised service and attention to detail.

Darren is committed to these principles day in and day out, which has led to a strong satisfaction rating from clients and the rapport among his peers and the wider community.

” I am diligent and focused, and wholeheartedly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for all my clients”.

Darren is recognised as an expert in the Brisbane property market and continues to provide advice and opinions in the broadcast media including Kevin Turners Real estate talk show on 4BC, Smart property investment magazine,,, REB, & The Courier Mail.

The Universal brand is redefining the way property is purchased today, we are disrupting the status quo by working exclusively for you, the buyer. Whether you are buying a self-occupied home or investment property, we manage every aspect of the buying process.

Services include :

​* Searching/Sourcing
* Inspect & Assess
* Due diligence
* Expert negotiation
* Auction bidding
* Off-market property

Let Universal Buyers Agent Brisbane ensure you buy the right property, in the right location, at the right price, every time.

Contact – Darren Piper

Craig Greer-Smith – Networth Property Consultants – Buyers Agents Sunshine Coast
B. Ed | Lic. Real Estate, Principal Qld.

Craig Greer-Smith is the Principal and Managing Director of  Networth Buyers Agents, and knows the Sunshine Coast Property Market very well.

Craig and the team at Networth Property have been buying property in S E Qld for over 20 years. With a long history of buying many properties personally and  hundreds for clients, he can offer clients the genuine benefit of years of experience in buying many great property at excellent prices; Not just any property, but he sort of property that can withstand all market conditions and deliver solid, reliable returns and growth whether for owner occupiers or investors.

This buying service will save clients a lot of time, frustration, money and risk. Networth are fully independent buyers advocates.

Craig is a numbers and statistics person and the earlier years as a maths teacher proved to be a tremendous benefit when buying property. He left the teaching profession and started building his won portfolio of properties.

He has transacted in many aspects of property; buy and hold strategies, house relocations & property development, structural and cosmetic renovations, subdivisions.  There are few areas that he does not have a wealth of experience in.

Networth Buyers Agents are able to find, negotiate and settle high quality properties for our clients.  We are very good at finding outstanding opportunities in any market condition, often with “off market” properties. Value is always there in the market, you just have to understand where it is and how to find and buy it at the right price.

Most people do not realise that buying property today is often something of a contest. The seller has the real estate agent representing them to achieve the highest price possible. The buyer until recently was unrepresented and at a distinct disadvantage.  The Networth Buying service turns this around to help buyers get the upper hand.

Net Worth oversee all aspects of your property purchase including onsite building & Pest inspection and Pre Settlement inspection. They source the property, personally inspect every one and send you “real” onsite photos and a written due diligence report on each.  A written cashflow is prepared for investment property.   We take the risk out of buying property.

Our buyers agents negotiate the lowest buying price as we work for you, while the selling agent works for the seller and is trying to achieve the highest price. >We have our own property management company so can provide a full service from start to finish. Our service will actively search and find the most desirable areas within each area of the sunshine coast and how to

buy for capital growth and yield and how much to pay. Local professional knowledge in a region
is your key to saving a great deal of time, frustration, money and effort.

Networth Buyers Advocates would love to help you with your next purchase.
Please contact Craig to discuss any aspect of buying property for your home or as an investment.

Contact – Craig Greer-Smith

Emma Flatley

Emma Flatley – Buyers Agent / Advocate Sunshine Coast

Emma started her journey in real estate as a sales agent. She realised early on that working with buyers during a property transaction was very rewarding and exciting. She knew her passion was to become a buyers agent and help buyers purchase the best property that suited their needs.

Buying property can be a daunting experience, especially in the Sunshine Coast market where there are many nuances and regional aspects. It takes many hours trying to understand and anticipate the market, the pricing, valuations and often days viewing unsuitable property and all with the underlying fear of making the wrong decision or missing out altogether.

Emma’s clients find her a down to earth, approachable person but who is also determined to get the best result for them. High service levels and caring deeply about the outcomes is a primary reason that Universal Buyers Agents and Emma have had so much success on the Sunshine Coast.

You have to have a passion for the real estate business to succeed and Emma practices what she preaches. At a young age she has bought, renovated, and sold multiple properties. Emma’s knowledge, wins and failures are what she wants to pass onto her clients and help them to succeed and achieve their property goals.

Considered, detailed and motivated, Emma is determined to find you the right property at the right price to match your expectations. Universal Buyers Agents are helping redefine the way property is purchased today, by disrupting the status quo and working exclusively for you, the buyer. Whether you are buying a home to live in or an investment property, Universal can manage every aspect of the buying process. Services include:

  • Searching/Sourcing
  • Inspect & Assess
  • Due diligence
  • Expert negotiation
  • Auction bidding
  • Off-market property

Office: Sunshine Coast

Contact – Emma Flatley

Jim Malamatinas – A Game Property Advisory, Buyers Agent Sunshine Coast   Jim has always been passionate about all-things property.

When Jim Malamatinas bought his first house at the tender age of 22, little did he know that this would grow into his passionate fulltime career of helping other people buy homes with an investment focus along with investment properties. Jim’s personal property portfolio is now a multi million dollar holding, putting him in the perfect position to help buyers and new developers source the right property to develop and build their own wealth through property.

As a Property Developer and Buyers Advocate with over 25 years experience, Jim is passionate about property and people, and openly shares his learnings with his clients to help them achieve their property goals.

As a licensed Queensland Buyers Agent and Advocate, Jim assists people buy the right property for them – whether they are a first home buyer, family buyer or investor. When people work with Jim, they not only get his experience, but also access to his extensive agent network and relationships. This means Jim’s clients have access to a large proportion of off market properties which ensures they secure the right home for at the best price.

Jim’s experience and entrepreneurial background combine to help him identify growth opportunities for all his clients because he understands that buying a home is the biggest purchase people will make and he helps his clients select the right home to buy that will not only meet their needs now and, in the future, but also grow in value.

Buying a property can be stressful – so Jim takes the time and stress out of the property acquisition process with his expert knowledge and experience.

As an experienced Melbourne Buyers Agent, Jim will help to:

  • Save time searching for property
  • Save money on your final purchase
  • Access a broader range or properties including Off market, Pre and Post market
  • Reduce stress in finding a home
  • Reduce emotions when purchasing

Most importantly, Jim’s clients know he will secure the right property for them.

Contact – Jim Malamatinas