5 up and coming areas in Brisbane to buy a property

5 up and coming areas in Brisbane to buy a property


If you’re looking to purchase your first family home, or perhaps you’re simply tired of the mundane and are looking to relocate…maybe it’s none of the above and you’re actually interested in development or investment. Whatever the reason, a great up and coming place worth considering is Brisbane.

Littered with green spaces, and a plethora of fine-dining restaurants, trendy bars, and delicious coffee shops, the capital of Queensland also has many quiet and quaint areas, so people can enjoy the best of both worlds with everything you need centred around the central business district (CBD).

With weather that is generally idyllic all-year-round this city is already home to around 2.2 million residents and there are quite a few areas around Brisbane to choose from. Among the somewhat 190 different suburbs, to help make your choices a bit easier we’re going to break down five up and coming areas in Brisbane you should consider when looking to buy a property.

That being said, if you’re looking for some more personalised advice we would recommend talking to a buyers agent based in Brisbane. A buyers agent will have a discussion with you to find out what your wants and needs. They then help to find property options based on your requirements. They spend their entire day immersed in the market so are probably going to find options that fit your requirements that you would have never found or considered. If the idea of using a buyers agent is new to you, we would recommend that you check out our guide which explains what buyers agents do.



Bridgeman Downs

It seems that this area is one that is catching the attention of many new families, whether looking to buy an already existing home or build your own. So what makes this area so special?

Residents and families alike love the fact that it’s super community orientated and you’ll find friendly faces at every turn. It’s also a relatively safe and quiet area and it’s just a 25 to 30 minutes’ drive from Brisbane’s CBD.

Within Bridgeman Downs you’ll find all the amenities you need from public parks to shopping centres, as well as hospitals, schools and even walking tracks.

When you look at the financial side what makes this area so prospective is there have been increasing rents but a fall in vacancies. In the last five years alone, this area has actually grown in population by 13%, meaning there’s a good chance that these trends this will continue. 

The average median price for a property in Bridgeman Downs goes for around $785,000.


Red Hill

Red Hill Within just 3Kms of Brisbane’s CBD, this next area is a popular choice if you’re looking to live extremely close to the CBD but still feel amongst nature with Red Hill’s mountain views and rolling hills.

Here you’ll find super spacious houses and that goes for the apartments too, and some exquisite vintage properties around, catering towards a younger, millennial market.

Residents love the plentiful of convenient and affordable public transport options and it neighbours some other great areas too such as Paddington.

If moving with family, there’s only one school in the area, Red Hill Special School but other areas are close enough and boast some excellent schools.

You can expect to find many hip-and-happening cafes and restaurants, yoga studios and gyms around.

With a median price of $825,000, or rentals of $550 a week, and considering the proximity from Brisbane’s CBD, it makes Red Hill a great investment opportunity.


Carina Heights

Selling at a median house price of $667,500 and situated just 8kms from the CBD, this suburb sold 60 houses in the last year.

It seems this area has become extremely appealing to first-time home-buyers who make up the majority of the market looking to buy in Carina Heights, as well as families and households looking to upsize their homes.

You’ll find many townhouses here, as well as loads of newly-built units filling the market gap for young professionals. It’s also seen a surge in buyers deciding to buy houses, knock them down and rebuild in this area. Such factors make the area a fantastic choice for prospective buyers as there is a large selection of properties to choose from.

Carina Heights is close to shopping centres as well as many other popular surrounding areas such as upper-class Camp Hill, filled with its trendy eateries, shopping, French wine bars and bush walks.

Public transport is easily accessible nearby adding extra convenience for all its residents.


Coorparoo Sunset


As one of the oldest suburbs around Brisbane, if you’re looking for an area that has an already working system with all aspects of convenience located within one place, Coorparoo is your best bet.

The average median house price goes for around $910,000, with rentals being around $500 per week. You’ll have a diverse group of properties to pick from, whether you want a luxurious apartment or a stunning post-war home there are many architectural delights in Coorparoo.

The neighbourhood that makes up this suburb is a mix of retired families, families with kids and young professionals thanks to its old-town heritage and being situated just 4kms from the city centre.

It’s excellent transport system and selection of many good schools to choose from make Coorparoo highly attractive to many, and you’ll find everything you need without having to travel far, from retailers to supermarkets, coffee shops and cinemas…


Everton Park

Everton Park

Believe it or not, among young professionals and families on the go with busy schedules, the foodie offerings around can play a role in how appealing a suburb appears to be or not.

With tons of great shopping and retail options, close cafes and restaurants, as well as the introduction of Everton Plaza’s recently developed Park Lane, it makes it appealing to many young couples.

The area itself is super safe with basically no crime. This combined with it being a lively community to live in with lots going on is probably why it appeals so much to young families looking to relocate.

Plus, it’s just 9km from Brisbane’s CBD which makes it a popular choice for many that work in the city itself as it’s just a 15 minutes’ drive away.

With a median house price of $605,000, this makes Everton Park a great choice for those looking into development, and especially for first-time home-buyers – in the past year alone, the suburb saw the selloff of 110 houses.